Hall of Fame Award (2013) – Dr. Allen E. Sussman, Ph.D., Class of 1947

Allen E. Sussman, Class of 1947


Allen Sussman was born in 1933 to deaf parents, and was raised in Brooklyn. In 1947, he graduated from J.H.S. 47 School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and then attended New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood) briefly. He then graduated from Gallaudet College in 1955.

After a brief stint as an athletics coach at Ohio School for the Deaf, he obtained his master’s degree in 1967 and then his doctorate in 1973, both from New York University. His professional career includes serving as an adjunct assistant professor in psychology at NYU, the director of a community mental health center for the deaf in Brooklyn, a professor of counseling at Gallaudet University and a licensed psychologist. He also served as director of Gallaudet’s counseling center, and then the Dean of Student Affairs. He retired from Gallaudet and private practice in 2002. He has been published extensively, and presented papers and conducted training seminars and workshops nationally and internationally. In addition to deaf community activities, he is the current vice chair of the Deaf Seniors of America conference, to be held this August in Baltimore.

In recognition of and appreciation for his extraordinary leadership to the Deaf Community, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf is honored to present “Hall of Fame Award” to Allen Sussman.