Hall of Fame Award (2013) – Betty (Drummer) Kasher, Class of 1965

Betty (Drummer) Kasher, Class of 1965


Betty Kasher, born in Satamare, Romania, is the oldest of the fourth Deaf Jewish generation in her family. She came to America at the age of eight with her sister to receive a proper education, and was enrolled at J.H.S. 47 in 1957.

Betty was active during her time at the school. She was a cheerleader, and was awarded best player on the volleyball team. She attended the first Deaf Jewish camp in the United States, Camp Laughton, which she credits for her learning about Deaf culture and becoming inspired. Today, she has three children, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

As a member of “47” Alumni, Betty has been involved with the school leadership team. She fought for the school to acquire its bilingual program. She is also very active with Deaf Jewish organizations in New York City, particularly Beth Torah for the Deaf and Brooklyn Hebrew Society of the Deaf.

In recognition of and appreciation for her extraordinary leadership to the Deaf Community, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf is honored to present the “Hall of Fame Award” to Betty Kasher.