Hall of Fame Award (1978) – Dorothy (Finkelstein) Pakula, Class of 1942

D_PakulaDorothy (Finkelstein) Pakula
August 31, 1924 – April 12, 2010


Dorothy Pakula, ‘42, passed away on April 12, 2010 at the age of 85. Dorothy grew up at “47,” and was among the ninth-graders in the first graduating class. She was an active “47” Alumni, serving as president when she revived the alumni association in 1972 and made it strong even to this day. She also served as a board member and public relations coordinator, and even continued after she moved to North Carolina in 2005. She was a staunch supporter of “47” Alumni to the very end of her life. We miss her and will always remember her in our hearts.

In 1978, to show recognition of and appreciation for her devotion for showing extraordinary leadership within the Deaf Community, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf presented her the Hall of Fame Award.

Below is her last poem she had wanted to share. It is our honor to publish it.

“We Will Never Be Sorry”
Written by Dorothy (Finkelstein) Pakula ‘42
January 2010

We will never be sorry
For thinking before acting,
For hearing before judging,
For forgiving our enemies,
For being open and honest,
For helping the “47” Alumni,
For volunteering to raise funds,
For being honest in business,
For thinking before speaking,
For being loyal to “47” Alumni,
For standing by our principles,
For stopping our ears to gossip,
For controlling our mouth,
For sympathizing with the suffering people,
For being courteous and kind to all.

♥ “47” Home Forever” ♥