Posthumous Hall of Fame Award (2008) – Robert H. Penn, Class of 1958


Robert H. Penn, Class of 1958


Robert H. Penn was a dedicated and faithful member of “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf, Inc. for 15 years, serving as vice president, treasurer and Sunshine coordinator. He was also involved with many other organizations in various positions: Brooklyn Hebrew Society of the Deaf, “47” Association of the Deaf, Inc. and National Fraternal of the Deaf. He died of esophagus cancer on May 22, 2007 at the age of 64.

Robert loved “47” with all his heart, and was always on the go! He was a firm believer that we should always be helpful in any way we could.

In recognition of and appreciation for his extraordinary leadership to the Deaf Community, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf is honored to present the “Posthumous Hall of Fame” Award to the Robert H. Penn.