Woman of the Year Award (2003) – Randy Sue (Nathanson) Rothman (left ‘55)


Randy Sue (Nathanson) Rothman (left ‘55)


Randy Sue Rothman attended J.H.S. 47 School for the Deaf from 1950 to 1956. From there, she and her Deaf brother were transferred to New York State School for the Deaf (Fanwood) in White Plains, NY. Her family moved to live in White Plains to be near her until she graduated in 1966. She was then a student for a short time at Pace College at Pleasantville, NY (now at White Plains and now as Pace University). She was a keypunch operator in the payroll department at Readers Digest in Pleasantville, NY until she married. After her marriage she moved to live in New Jersey. While there, she worked at Lipton Company in Englewood, NJ as a She, then, moved to Hicksville, Long Island, NY.

Randy Sue is the mother of two boys, Larry Bob and Evan Levenson and a proud grandmother of four grandchildren, Dylan, Gabrielle, Arianne, and Rachelle Levenson. She is presently working at Specially Ink Co., Inc-at Deer Park, L.l., NY and has worked therefor 25 years. She is now married to Barry Rothman ’58. Her Deaf brother, Mark, was the recipient of the Man of the Year award five years ago at the 90th Anniversary celebration of J.H.S. 47.

Randy Sue is known to be a hard working person in many organizations and societies including; the Brooklyn Hebrew Society of the Deaf, Temple Beth Or of the Deaf Sisterhood of the Deaf, and “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf. She is currently the Chairperson of the Spoilers National Deaf Mixed Bowling tournament.

When she takes on a job, she does it from start to finish, whether it be at work, or the many functions and affairs she works on in the Deaf Community. She always does her best when the best is needed. She enjoys what she does for others and encourages others to be involved in their organizations. When faced with problems, she always puts herself forward with a smile. Randy Sue’s favorite sport is bowling and her pastimes are card games, and photography.

Randy Sue’s mother, Billie Lane, was very active member for the PTA at 47 and was an editor of ‘VOICE,” a small magazine. She now resides at Weston (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida. She is here to see her daughter receive the Woman of the Year award. Her brother, Mark, is here also all the way from California for this special occasion.