Woman of the Year Award (2008) – Rebecca Marshall, Principal


Rebecca Marshall, Principal


Rebecca Marshall was born and raised in a small northern New Hampshire town, where she attended a local elementary and high school. Rebecca was born a hearing baby and became Deaf in her late teen years. She learned to sign from other Deaf people as a young adult

Rebecca attended 3 undergraduate colleges in Maine, California and New Hampshire- She graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. She moved to New York City and during the summers she attended Western Maryland College for a Masters degree in Deaf Education. Rebecca also studied at NYU toward a doctoral degree in Bilingual Education.

Rebecca came to “47” as a teacher, under Principal Martin Florsheim, and then became an Assistant Principal, working with Martin and Yola Walker, Assistant Principal. A few years ago, the elementary department applied to become our own school. We are now known as “47” The American Sign Language and English Lower School.

Rebecca’s favorite part of her job is the fantastic and brilliant community in our “47” Lower School. We have the best staff, students, parents and of course, our fantastic Alumni In her spare time, Rebecca plays with her goofy, but cute, dog Owen and reads lots of fiction books. Each summer, she returns to northern New Hampshire and spends a week fishing and relaxing with her dog Owen.

In recognition of and appreciation for her devotion in working closely with the Deaf in the Deaf Community, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf is honored to present the “Woman of the Year” Award to Rebecca Marshall.