Woman of the Year Award (2013) – Sarita Laina, Class of 1978

Sarita Laina, Class of 1978

Sarita Laina was born and raised in a small town in Manta, Ecuador, and came to America 1971 at the age of 10. She attended J.H.S. 47, graduating in 1978.

With her tremendous talents, she works closely with young people. She served as the president of New York Deaf and Hard of Hearing Parents Association for 10 years and has helped organize activities for this organization. She worked for United Cerebral Palsy for 30 years.

During her current tenure as vice president of “47″ Alumni Association of the Deaf, she has encouraged young people to volunteer for alumni events, along with serving as a volunteer herself.

In recognition of and appreciation for her extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, and devotion to working closely with young Deaf people, “47″ Alumni Association of the Deaf is honored to present the “Woman of the Year Award” to Sarita Laina.