Woman of the Year Award (1998) – Maureen (Costigan) Woods ‘57

MWoodsMaureen (Costigan) Woods ’57
May 31, 1943 – December 12, 2013

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Maureen (Costigan) Woods, ’57, on December 12, 2013. She was 70.

From 1949 to 1956, she attended St. Joseph School for the Deaf in the Bronx. When she completed the eighth grade, she then attended J.H.S. 47 School for the Deaf for the ninth grade, before receiving her high school diploma from Charles Evans Hughes High School. After raising a family, Maureen decided to further her education and received a master’s degree in counselor education/school counseling and guidance services in 1987. She taught at Lexington School for the Deaf for 23 years until her retirement in 2005.

As a counselor, teacher, colleague, advocate, leader, mentor, certified deaf interpreter, lecturer, alumnus, supporter, friend, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Maureen was an inspiration to many, encouraging people to believe in themselves and to be the best in whatever they did.

In 1998, we were honored to present the “47” Alumni Woman of the Year Award to Maureen for her devotion to the Deaf community.

Maureen’s smile, her warm personality, and her love will be in our hearts forever.