Yola Walker Lobby Ceremony – June 14, 2016


Editorsnote2016 This ceremony was hosted 4 months after Yola Walker memorial service.


On Tuesday, June 14, the “47” Alumni hosted the Yola Walker Lobby Ceremony. It was the most beautiful and touching ceremony. This event was dedicated to our dear and beloved Assistant Principal Yola Walker, who passed away last February. We want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the family of Ramsey/Walker and friends. They all were amazing and supportive. We are sure everyone was pleased about the lobby dedication; a former teacher, told us at the ceremony, “She was an angel.” The beautiful plaque is now on display in the lobby.

yolawalkerplaque“Mrs. Walker has devoted her time and energy to helping and guiding the students of “47”. It is a rare occurrence to see Ms. Walker without a smile on her face and a few wise words to say. She has always been there for her students and without her, “47” would definitely be a different place. It is sad to see her retire, but she will forever be in our hearts and memories.”

“We are Family”

(Excerpt from 2010 “47” The American Sign Language and English Secondary School Yearbook)

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