School and Alumni Logo and Insignia over the Years

Over the years, our logo and insignia has been symbolic of the school’s history. The number “47” comes from when 47 Deaf students entered P.S. 47 for the first time in 1908. To this day, “47” remains.


The first logo, in 1925, shows students going to P.S. 47.


This 1941 logo was from the first edition of 47 Speaks, the school newsletter.


This logo from 1958 was designed by art teacher Mae Schaette for the Handbook for Junior High Pupils.


This logo was designed during the 1980′s by Jody Blank (left ’59) for the “47” Alumni Newsletter.


This 1983 logo was designed by Robert Bergman, ’71 for the 75th Anniversary Journal.


This logo was designed by art teacher, Patricia B. Sherwood for the 80th Anniversary Journal.

This drawing was designed by Jody Blank (left ’59) for the back cover of the 80th Anniversary Journal.


Our current logo was designed by John Garbera, ’53 for the 100th Anniversary Journal and the alumni’s letterheads and newsletters



Original Insignia for “47” Alumni Polo Shirt designed by De’VIA artist Hinda Kasher
(Former 8th Grade student 2003)


47Insignia2014Insignia for “47” Alumni Polo Shirt redesigned by De’VIA artist Hinda Kasher
(Former 8th Grade student 2003)

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