Poet by Hinda Kasher, 2015

Editor’s Note


Congratulations to Hinda Kasher, who was the grand prize winner and recognized as the Rochesterian Poet of the Year for her outstanding ASL performance at a poetry and music contest at Nazareth College of Rochester in New York last April.

“English is Insignificant”

Language is my body, not yours, the movements of signing are vibrating and
|weaving, a nonverbal poetry thrives through American Sign Language, a majority of the militant-English speaking method is beyond impossible to please my Deaf-centered comprehension, I cannot dream without signs, my human right is denied.

I am sick and tired of dominant people mind-bending by phonetics in diamonds
colonized the human body from mind severely impacted from the birth of English, Father Alexander Graham Bell, Sister Mary Garrett, and Doctor Karl White bankrolled in Listening and Speaking only, The audiologist, pathologist, and speech therapist touched me physically since I was a baby.

No one believed it is audial assault to grasp a child’s ear to satisfy the ideology of a perfect race, the penetration between an audiologist and a child triggered me to the bone,

A codified monkey doll sat across from me at the corner, Cursed my mind, I wanted
to escape the audiology room, grabbed my hand sensually, she asked me to feel her throat, dilated lips intimated my eyes uncomfortably, instructed me to stretch my mouth every time I produce artificial sounds, smiled and clapped when I pant in words, The ward duty controlled the power of voice box and verbally abused me with shame, feather role-playing inclined to wrestle with my sensitive mouth.

Your disgusting red lipstick added fuel to the fire and continued, “you know the drill” for
the next ten years of AVT (audio verbal therapy) curriculum, Undeclared linguisticism and rape, audism and sexual assault stories are connected, it is time to unfold them in public, every signer is born to communicate naturally in hand acquisition,

I want my children to live free of dominant-hearing world. The language majority is delusional for holding onto standardized screening over humanity. English is the pioneer of oral language imposed on children to speak night and day!

People with disabilities, People of Color, Indigenous People, linguistic and cultural minorities are the slaves of the American culture.

My skeleton and muscles are disconnected from all of my imagery, extreme eugenic competitions in the tract of human’s home, dissect the visual and tactile languages at the Volta Bureau Lab, Monologuing vocal of baseball, ice cream, and hot dog.

I have to get out of here because the education is deprived, my mother hands not the tongue, inner-artistic is flourishing in patterns and moving, dancing without thinking becomes the intrinsic luminosity of stars, sign can only be interpreted in 4D,
and the only galaxy that can understand me.

Natural expression conveyed my soul completely, empower the subject of hands,
please watch how I connect my everything visually-spatially, especially not verbally, life insights do not travel orally, tunnels explore the visual energy, the horizon came into existence, twirling plants and leaves signed poetically, wavelengths of salt water, frozen crystals, sunset forest are natural-in-motion of the world, animal consciousness is full
of purpose, humanity is descending when listening/speaking is turning the volume
up on the hearing race.

It is time, please let go of spoken language, let go of spoken language, let go of spoken language, the mass of signs is a scientific fact, Your facial expression triggers the skeleton hands and a flow into the creative body.

 The new definition of human race is that we no longer are slaves of English intervention, allow the space-time define the cosmology of mind-heart of the Universe, English is insignificant when you define yourself without it

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