Happiness Is Being A Teacher


It’s the first day of school
Seeing children
Scrubbed and shiny,
With a special look on every face.

It’s having last year’s class
drop by in dribs and drabs,
Full of smiles and summer
And, remember when…

It’s aiming
For the basketball hoop in the gym
(In front of your kids)
And making it.

It’s having your principal
drop by for a visit
Right after
You’ve cleaned the room.

It’s Thursday afternoon
No meetings, No parents
No children
Just Thursday for Thinking.

Happiness Is having
your register
come out right
The first time.

It’s the middle of the year
When the kindergarteners
learn to pull on
their own rubbers.

Or the day that Eddie learns to
And Amy learns to

It’s the shout I GET IT!
From a slow child
As if you just
turned on the light.

It’s when the boy
Who wrote all
over the walls Is in
The next room,

who is not a teacher,
Has missed the very special kind of happiness
We call our own
To reach out
and steady a stumbling child,
To marvel
At his fresh way of
Perceiving the universe
To be in the presence
of that which is
Green and growing
These are the times
That we know with conviction.

Page last updated: November 29, 2015