Progress of Our School – P.S. 47 ASL

Poem composed by Stephen Ehrlich ‘64 and recited at our 100th Anniversary Celebration Banquet

F – Founded in 1908 was the School for the Deaf on 23rd St.
O – Oralism was established, prevailed and faded into nonexistence.
R – Revolutionized by an exciting new philosophy of teaching.
T – Testifying that ASL is our children’s God-given right to communicate, naturally.
Y – Yearning for freedom of self-expression and independent thinking

S – Struggling to search one’s self-identity and self-esteem.
E – Envisioned in our dreams the future of the School, our second home.
V – Vested with opportunities and horizons.
E – Enriched with our fondest memories of ‘47’s legacy.
N – Now arrives the year 2008 calling for our 100th Anniversary celebration filled with hopes and promises ahead of our generations to come.

A – Acclaim our school’s accomplishments and glory.
S – Saluting with our hands waving in the air.
L – “Long Live “47”