Rubella epidemic (1963-1964)

The rubella epidemic of 1963 – 1964 brought a great increase in the number of deaf children needed to be served.  To meet the “bulge” an annex was established in 1970 and in 1972 the former Institute for Crippled and Disabled at 400 first Avenue was acquired and became the “East Annex.”

By 1970, the population of 600 students overflow filled the school.  Many of the students became deaf consequently contracting rubella measles birth.  The “South Annex”, a renovated warehouse on 220 East 23rd Street, was created to accommodate these students.  By 1972, a third building was necessary, it was called the “East Annex” located on 23rd Street off 1st Avenue.

In September of 1974, the East Annex became the location of the experimental program of total communication while the main building continued to use the oral method.

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