Shooting Tigers of “47” Win 2016 New York State Olympic Archery Championship

47ArcheryinsigniaThe Shooting Tigers of “47″, an archery team, won the New York State Olympic Archery Schools Championship on April 2, 2016, competing against schools from all five boroughs. This earned them a spot in the National Competition Olympic Archery Schools competition to play against other winning teams from the nation in Florida. However, they could not attend due to a lack of funds and numerous restrictions placed upon them by the Department of Education.

47archeryteam2016With the limited funds they did have from “47” Alumni and others sources, they decided to purchase visors and team jackets. In 2015, they placed second in the New York State competition, and they look forward to competing again next year. We are extremely proud of their accomplishments. Go Shooting Tigers!

Page last updated: August 21, 2016