Welcome to “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf, Inc.

“We’re not alone.  We’re all in this together!”

Millions of people all over the world and especially in hard-hit areas throughout the United States have either recovered or died from the horrible coronavirus, or COVID-19 (19 representing the year of discovery in 2019) pandemic.

We have mourned, and are still mourning, people in different careers or positions, including some alumni members, who were stricken by COVID-19. We give our heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses, other medical personnel, emergency workers, scientists, custodians, responders, essential workers, volunteers, healthcare workers and so many others who have worked long hours to care people affected by coronavirus.

We take good care of ourselves by washing our hands for 20 seconds as often as possible, staying six feet away from other people in public, and wearing a mask and gloves when going out in public. As we stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy in hopes of stopping the virus, we may feel alone. But we’re not alone.

We are grateful for technology so we can keep up with the news, and reach our family and friends. We have television, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, videophones, video conferencing (Sorensen VP, Zoom and Skype, for example), and much more.

We are not alone, and yes, we’re all in this together!

Thank you for visiting “47” Website. Long live “47”.