PowerPoint Presentation History of “47”

Starting in Fall 2013, persons especially History Bluffs may visit the alumni room to view PowerPoint Presentation History of ’47” on Fridays between 11 am to 1 pm by making an appointment in advance. This presentation first debut at the 105th Anniversary Celebration of “47” Alumni Award Night held on June 5, 2013.

Created by Dorothy Cohler ’57, this 35-minute long 185 frames presentation exploring the history of “47” is dedicated to the much beloved Walter J. Connolly, “47” Alumni Association of the Deaf’s first president. “47” Alumni is truly grateful for Walter’s loyalty, enthusiasm, and interest in serving the organization. We continue to hold strong in our organization because of he was a trailblazer.

You will be taken on a journey throughout six different periods in the school’s history, from 1908 to 2013. You will see photographs of students doing any number of things, and photographs of the principals who shaped the school during each of their tenures.

To make an appointment, please e-mail to alumni47@aol.com or send us a letter.

Page last updated: October 16, 2014