Recent Discoveries

The mystery Cart

We made an amazing discovery of a cart (pictured above) in the school’s basement. We believe the cart has been there since the 1940s or even earlier. Originally a wheelchair, the upright back of the chair was removed to make way for the wooden container. The cart is clearly handmade, but we aren’t sure what it was used for. If you remember what this cart was used for during your days at P.S. 47 or at J.H.S. 47, please let us know.

Eskimo Freezer Ice Cream Maker

The above Eskimo Freezer Ice Cream Maker was recently discovered in a school closet. They are in fairly good condition with rusty top frames made of cast iron and movable parts. They were used in cooking classes, where students learned how to make ice cream during the 1930s. To view the items, stop by the J.H.S. 47 Vocational Education Museum.